Sunday, July 7, 2019

After a while ...

I've started a new game but first, I expended a long time thinking about why I don't play the games I make and the answer is pretty clear. I don't like them.

For some reason, I've been doing what I thought was the easiest way to get some money out of time, and the funny thing is that it was the opposite. I actually got very little earnings from my games.

So, what It may seem clear for a lot of people wasn't that clear to me, I'm a single developer, a father of two, a husband and I have an eight-hour job as an IT administrator. Because of this, I don't have ways or time to promote any of my products other than a few tweets, niche forums, and a Facebook page.

I actually thought about stop making games at all, but I love designing and coding them so for once I wanna have fun doing it without thinking about earnings.

I took a look at my Steam library and a found out that 65% of the games I owned where 2D point&click graphic adventures and most of my best memories about videogames when I was young were related to this type of games.

It's decided, I'm gonna make a 2D point&click graphic adventure.

I came up with a pretty solid idea of the story I want to tell and recently a team up with a friend that will help me with the graphics.

The game will be call "The Undervillagers" and I hope you follow my progress and eventually play it.

Here are some ways to contact me:

Twitter: @tibbagames
Webpage: this one.

Thanks for reading and until the next post

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