Monday, July 15, 2019

A tech conundrum

This past two weeks I've been working in the puzzle design of the game, so I'll not share any of that mainly because I don't want to spoil the fun to anyone who read this blog.
Anyway, I can tell you that I already finished the puzzle dependency chart, all the rooms connections, and the puzzle description document.

Considering All this work is done plus that I also finished the first draft of the prop list of the game and send to the artist the raw "art" of the rooms so he can work. I had enough time to think in the tech I'll be using.

For personal preference (and mental sanity) I'll be sticking to Unity for this game for various reasons.

First, is the game Engine a used in the past and I fell very comfortable on it.

Second, I already bought the Adventure Creator plugin which seems really good and cost me $70.

and Third, I've never designed a 2D point & click adventure graphic before and I'll be doing programming as well, so I'll need all the help I can get.

In my experience, the best way of learning a game engine (or in this case a plugin for a game engine) is doing a small game with programmer art and no sound (maybe a GameJam's game) and I have a pretty good idea for that.

So, if you want to know how well it goes and wants to see some of my raw "art" for the rooms, then stay tuned for next week's post (probably on Monday).

Till then.

Sunday, July 7, 2019

After a while ...

I've started a new game but first, I expended a long time thinking about why I don't play the games I make and the answer is pretty clear. I don't like them.

For some reason, I've been doing what I thought was the easiest way to get some money out of time, and the funny thing is that it was the opposite. I actually got very little earnings from my games.

So, what It may seem clear for a lot of people wasn't that clear to me, I'm a single developer, a father of two, a husband and I have an eight-hour job as an IT administrator. Because of this, I don't have ways or time to promote any of my products other than a few tweets, niche forums, and a Facebook page.

I actually thought about stop making games at all, but I love designing and coding them so for once I wanna have fun doing it without thinking about earnings.

I took a look at my Steam library and a found out that 65% of the games I owned where 2D point&click graphic adventures and most of my best memories about videogames when I was young were related to this type of games.

It's decided, I'm gonna make a 2D point&click graphic adventure.

I came up with a pretty solid idea of the story I want to tell and recently a team up with a friend that will help me with the graphics.

The game will be call "The Undervillagers" and I hope you follow my progress and eventually play it.

Here are some ways to contact me:

Twitter: @tibbagames
Webpage: this one.

Thanks for reading and until the next post
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