Gameplay video of Total Riot

I've recently put together a gameplay video of my new game Total Riot (still in development) hope you enjoy it, Keep in mind that I have plans on testing things like dynamic lightings an other effects always maintaining the retro 8 bits style.


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Ovni Rush Published!


If you follow my blog remotely you're probably asking yourself: whaaatt?? what about Total Riot!?. Well sometimes I need a time off, and is while I'm doing that, that sometimes I let myself runaway with some new ideas for other games. Sometimes I drop this new ideas in the garbage and return creatively new to the previous game, and sometimes I finish those idea! haha.
Well this is one of those times when I finished this idea that came in during the development process of another game.
The name of this new game is Ovni Rush and it's and action fast game so I hope you like it! Please test it and rate it!. 

Here are some images:

Hope you like it! It's on sale! 50% off for this week.

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Hello again:

This time I'm very happy to annouce my next game called Total Riot where you'll be a rebel police officer (and eventually his partner) who decided to take justice into his own hands by revenging his own wife and daughter, attacking the headquarters of the town's kingpin Don Zulu.

The game will be 2D Shooter with slightly top-down perspective and support up two players on PC and HTML5 version. Here are some images of the work I'm doing, hope you like it.

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JuegosArgentinos.org map!

Hello again:

www.juegosargentinos.org is an attep to register all games and companies made in Argentina, TIBBA GAMES looks very  lonely!, we need more people in the south that want to join this beautiful industry. If you live in Rada Tilly or Comodoro Rivadavia comment this post and we'll get in touch I'm sure we can help you start.

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Post Mortem - Buccaneer's Quest

What I've learn in general

Buccaneer's Quest is my first game, It's something I'm very proud off, I've started it with no knowledge about game design or game programming and it actually end up looking pretty good and working almost flawlessly.
Even considering that BQ was small project that took me six month of heavy development, During those month I wor a lot of hats and done a lot of things by myself.
Here is a Post-Mortem where I'm going to count thing I've done good and other no so good according to my own self-critic.

First of all, when I was in EXPO EVA in Buenos Aires city, somebody told me that the game had a very child oriented look, but the difficulty was too much for little kids. Of This I've come to realize now, when I watch people that play the game on some convention. They first encourage their little sons or daughters to play the game to soon after realize it's way too difficult for them to resolve.

So, difficulty should be related to the game look and the averange age of the potencial gamer. 

Second, I've a programmers degree from the University of the Patagonia San Juan Bosco in Comodoro Rivadavia (Chubut - Argentina). I've a been a gamer for like all my life and I've always followed game desing and game designers careers, but, I AM NOT AN ARTIST OR ANIMATOR OR SOUND ENGINEER!. It's very important for me and the future of my upcoming project to have a nice understanding with artists, musicians and animators in my community. As I said before for a first game and some cases for lack of money you don't have a choice but to wear a lot of hats, but, divide and you'll conquer.

So, I'm not all-powerfull, and I shouldn't wear so many hats for my next time, team work is the way for develop cool games.

Third, be aware of everything you have to do before you can see your dreamed game in a market. design, code, art, sound and music are a big part of this, but, as solo indie dev you should, again, wear a lot of hats regarding the publishing and distribution of your game, for instance, steam greenlight, gog form, itch.io pages, google play developer console, HTML5 version hosting and so on.

So, if you manage to finish your game in timely fashion according to a tweet or facebook with a release date, You should be aware of the time it will take you to distribute it throught every posible market

And last but not least, twitter, facebook, blogger and all social apps and web sites are amazing for get attention in already crowded market, but, you should consider a real budget for advertising campaings. I found a lot of web pages where they help (for a set amount of money) you showcase your game so gamers can download it or buy it. Some good examples for Android games like BQ are AppBrain and AppZoom.

So, it's sometimes more important the money you invest in an advertising campaing than the money you actually put to develop your game, actually, they both go togheter.

Now focusing on BQ:

Buccaneer's Quest didn't make a killing on downloads numbers but it really help me to take off as an indie game developer knowing that I was actually capable of developing a full game. Money wise I manage to make a few hundred bucks that I'm using to pay for art and sound for my new game.
It also help me to know the people I can rely on and those that are definitly not willing to push this industry forward.

HTML5 version have a lot more traction than the Android version, considering that I didn't have advertising budget, the users at Kongregate are far more willing to search for different games (and more honest on there comments).

PC version went right to itch.io after failing entering GOG's library, Here (on itch.io) I experienced a big problem because many of the sales were from my family and coworkers (same IP address).Itch.io thought I was a fraud and gave back my money to those who bought the game. As funny as this may look I lost $77 dollars because of this.

Another huge thing is the game's name, Buccaneer's Quest sound great for a pirate game, but, It didn't work so well for search engines (because of the ') and for people who don't speak english.

And lastly, you should know that the project name in java (eclipse, intellij or android studio) will be a part of the link to download your game from google play, for instance, when I started BQ I named it freepedro and the so call "company" was galileodevs, now the link to download the game from google play is:


and it looks awfull.

Hope this help somebody
Till next post.


Coding a 2D Camera for KID!

Hello again, I know it's been a while, but I'm hard coding my new game, if you're anywhere near game development you know how time consuming this is. I'm using (as I did before in Buccaneer's Quest) Java and libGDX and, as expected, I come across some concerns. In future posts I'll be sharing the solutions I've found. I really hope I can help someone with this. For instance, in this post I'll talk about the 2D Camera. I'm using Tiled for level design and what I wanted to achive is a 2D camera that stays between map limits and use linear interpolation in the process. I know this sounds basic but you never know if anyone need a hand out there.

Sorry about the image (no code snippet) but copy and paste someone else's code will not help you, maybe while you copy it line by line you get a chance of a deeper analysis.

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Buccaneer's Quest HTML5 version ready and published!

Buccaneer's Quest HTML5 version is ready and published on Kongregate, play it! and please share your thoughts.

Remember that you can still download the android version of the game from:

  • Google Play
  • Amazon Store
  • GetJar
  • Mobango
  • Slide.me
  • Yandex
  • Itch.io

Or buy the PC version for u$ 1.00 on Itch.io, all money earn will be use for my next proyect KID (you can check it out in www.kidthegame.com)

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Only 3 days left!

it's alive! it's aliveeee!

Because KID's main character is based on my own childhood, I wanna tell this story in retro pixel art way, just like the games I used to play when I was little (16 bits like). As result of this decision, and after I comissioned some art to an amazing pixel artist (check the bottom for his deviantart link), this final version of Kid came up, hope you like it:

And remember to helping me by:

All this funds will be used to continue making KID,

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Oscar link: http://oscarcelestini.deviantart.com/


KID is back!

Check the indiegogo campaing and help me finish it!

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